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Our Service Level Agreements are Really Simple

  1. Servers and workstations fail. (So do clouds)! We take every step to make sure this does not happen and if it does, we will get you back.
  2. The best way to guard against machine failure is a proper Disaster Recovery Solution.  We offer discounted managed offsite Disaster Recovery Solutions for our SLA clients.
  3. You’ll always have our phone number — if there is an issue, you can call us and we’ll get our team on it.
  4. If we aren’t living up to our end of the relationship, you can cancel the SLA with no penalty.

NET Perform

Comprehensive Remote and Onsite Monitoring and Maintenance

Priority access to our help desk, server monitoring and maintenance and unlimited expert support both remotely and onsite

A proactive service level that aims to prevent problems before they escalate.

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NET Assist

Comprehensive Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

A sophisticated remote service level for servers and workstations.

Reduce the cost of your SLA by including only remote support and monitoring. Should onsite service be required, we will obtain your permission to proceed as onsite service is not included in NET Assist.

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NET Care

Monitoring Only

Our basic SLA which watches and monitors your server(s) continuously. Should we detect an issue or abnormal situation, we will contact you and alert you to this event. You can authorize us to proceed to correct this event and if we can achieve this remotely we will, however, if an onsite service call is required we will let you know first.

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Optional Specialized Server Monitoring and Maintenance Services

  •     SQL Server
  •     Exchange Server
  •     Third Party Servers and software

Contact us for further information about specialized server monitoring and maintenance services