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Many stores, large and small, have Point-of-Sales systems. A POS system performs many functions, from keeping track of inventory to offering discounts to special customers. You can use the systems to improve sales and to increase your store's profitability. Understand the uses of the POS system to maximize its potential.

Data Collection
One of the ways that a POS system works is by collecting data. Information is stored in the POS system. The system then uses that data to improve customer service.

Another way that POS systems can improve sales is by offering special discounts to preferred customers or by targeting certain customers

Inventory control is another area where POS systems can improve sales. By constantly monitoring inventory, a POS system can track which items are selling well and which items are just sitting on the shelves.

POS systems improve sales by making sure that there is a smooth checkout flow.

We ensure that you can:

  • Sell stock
  • Receipt Stock
  • Manage Stock
  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Manage laybys
  • Print barcodes
  • and much more store operations

We supply, configure and maintain

  • POS Terminals
  • Receipt (docket) printers
  • Cashdrawers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Label printers
  • Database driven POS software
  • Backoffice store level operations software
  • Centralized (Headquaters) POS Management Software (multistore operations)
  • Help facilitate cloud based POS Systems

Essential Retail Services

  • Secure private networks (multistore operations)
  • Managed backup systems including database backups and archiving
  • Remote help desk support including Teamviewer Computer and POS terminal support

Ongoing Consultation and Support

Our Service Level Agreements provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring to make sure your POS is operational

  • Backups are successful
  • Network is operational
  • Back Office reporting is operational and connected to the POS at all times.