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NET Backup

NET Backup offers four solutions. Please also refer to Restore Systems below

Disaster Recovery Solutions

A fully managed secure system allowing you to fully recover from an unrecoverable server failure.

Managed Offsite Data Only Backup

A fully managed secure system that can recover data files.

Managed Offsite Data Archive

When we provide a Managed Offsite Data Only Backup or Disaster Recovery Solution, this solution allows you to gain access to a file or a system state at a prescribed past time.

SQL Database Backup

Managed Independent SQL database backups that allow an independent database recovery without the need to restore the SQL Server or operating system state. Database backups occur and are stored fully onsite.

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Restore Systems


Disaster Recovery Solutions

We provide new server hardware that can be restored to replace your failed server. Additional hardware charges and restore charges apply. Please contact us for details.

Managed Offsite Data Only backup and Managed Offsite Data Archive

Plans include three free restores of file(s) every six months.

SQL Server Database Restores

Additional charges apply as this can only be achieved manually and with your SQL Server being fully administered at the time of restore. Please contact us for further details.

NOTE - Additional charges may apply if the restored file(s) are so large that they can not effectively be transferred electronically.