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When your company requires Enterprise Resource and Planning systems, we use NET SUITE.

We have experience in consulting and implementing this sophisticated software, implemented in conjunction with Management Consultants experienced in manufacturing and business administration.

Successful ERP systems lead to increased productivity, streamlined administration, efficient manufacturing and warehousing as well as sophisticated logistics handling.

Email and Collaboration Systems

Sophisticated email systems seamlessly incorporate mobile devices such as Iphones, Ipads and others as well as desktops such as Windows based PC's and Mac and also provide web based interfaces. All this, anywhere in the world on any network.

We expertly manage transitions and redeployment of existing email systems to cloud based enterprise class solutions giving you the best of both worlds. Full calendar, mailbox, contact sharing and delegation for those who need it mixed with simple pop mailboxes for those to which it is appropriate therefore reducing costs further and tailoring your solution as "best fit".

Secure Disaster Recovery Systems

Systems that are designed to create the best chance of disaster recovery, regardless of how it happened. Backups are not disaster recovery systems!

Ourdisaster recovery focuses on speedy recovery to operational status for the entire organization who depend on the server operation from log on to log off and all in between.

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File Based Backup Systems

When you need to ensure that your data is protected and made sure to be protected. Fully managed by us and secure as well. We also provide data archiving services, especially useful for MYOB and payroll data that may need to be kept for years or referred to backwards in time.

Secure File Systems

Private secure cloud based file sharing that allows you to have your files available from your internal company network, to being available anywhere in the world without the need for complex VPN connections. Of course available only to authorized people!

Have available only essential files, knowing they are being securely backed up.